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A warm welcome to a new organization

Interview for Peyk by Shahri Estakhry

Top row, left to right: Vincent Kattoula, Denbigh Dickson, Moe Zarabi (Vice President), Nassrin Samii.

Seated, left to right: Mandana Beheshti, Sara Agahi (President), Tamara Murphy (Treasurer), Leila Attar.  Not pictured:  Sheri Shahri (Communications) and Oscar Talaro

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Perhaps the Time Has Come To Think Intelligently?


By: Shahri Estakhry

According to all reports, this was the driest and warmest summer in the history of this nation.  The most unusual year, to be exact.  According to the World Resources Institute, “Stabilizing the global climate is the great challenge of the 21st century. Temperatures have exceeded global averages for 36 consecutive years. The world is already beginning to feel the impacts. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe. Heat waves and drought plague many countries, destroying agriculture, sparking wildfires, and endangering lives. And rising sea levels threaten coastal communities and infrastructure with flooding and storm surge.” (

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