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Destruction Never Justifies Action

Of all the nations that were holding elections, the only one left is Germany to determine who will be chosen to lead that nation.

The people, mostly the young generations in Austria, Holland, France, and Iran turned out with overwhelming millions to speak with their votes. Their collective voice was for moderate leaders to chart their paths to a more progressive future. Those who went to the polls have expressed the desire for global unity through peaceful means. Resolutions to solve conflicts not start wars. Enough killings, enough loss of young and innocent lives sacrificed in the name of liberty and justice. I doubt very much that any country can bomb another to promote “liberty” or “justice.” The power and the ability to destroy do not and will never justify the action taken.

Every person killed creates a family of enemies. Some people ask, “Why don’t they like us?” SERIOUSLY? Think about it again and reverse the situation. How would you feel losing a beloved in the same manner? At what point in your life would you forget? Never. One can never forget and this experience fosters a vicious desire for revenge.

On May 20th I witnessed something that brought a ray of hope and gladness to my heart. Del Sur Elementary School in 4S Ranch in San Diego held its annual Heritage Night. Around 20 or so nations hosted booths displaying handicrafts, another section showed exhibits, and yet another section had food from the different countries for people to taste. Children and their parents, community members, as well as organizations were all involved. I loved seeing the great diversity of nationalities that exists in this school. Children and many parents came in their native costumes and many performed on stage representing their cultural heritage. The atmosphere of the school was one that embraced global harmony. A beautiful banner in the hallway emphasized, “Let learning take you around the world.”

Every person is a global child and we are all a family. Can we not resolve our differences by discussion and respect for each other? Can we not bring more and more Heritage Nights for our children to learn from an early age how important every culture and heritage is, and how necessary it is that we all strive to preserve the rights of others?

I am an immigrant and I chose to be here because this country offered me a life of liberty and justice through the democratic process. I have worked hard for my life here and have tried to represent my heritage and culture with the utmost dignity that it deserves. From life’s experience I say to my new homeland:
“Building a fighting army can never be the resolution for peace.”

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